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16 Cowslip St. Violet Town
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Just over the railway line
16 Cowslip St, Violet Town

As seen above the Railway Hotel was built in 1886.

The Ellen Frances burnt down in 1993 and was rebuilt and reopened in 1996.

Late 1800 to early 1900

In 1884 Maria Underwood was deeply involved in plans for the much larger and more genteel brick structure. By June 1884 Mr Lewis, Euroa's brickmaker, was making bricks at VioletTown. Underwoods instructed him to produce 50,000 bricks. By November 1884, Mrs Underwood had three drays carting bricks to the corner site. Euroa Shire rate-books reveal that the new brick hotel operated by 1886, the Shire valuation then jumping to £150 a year. This figure put the new hotel in line with Williams's Coaching Station in its heyday, and made Underwood's the big name in local hotel-keeping. On her death her daughters took over the management of the business.

These bricks walls that stand today.

By 1896, Courts and Church services took place in the hall behind the Railway Hotel.

In 1894, the Ellen Frances, supported by advertising in the Violet Town Sentinel, had flourished.

Under Miss H. Underwood's management (Daughter of Maria), the Railway Hotel boasted 'this really magnificent hotel', offering billiards and baths along with more traditional services like livery and bait stables.

A. C. Morris, who had acquired the Railway Hotel via marriage into the Underwood Family, was the most stable among local publicans. By 1900 the brick hotel built by Maria Underwood was having extensive additions and during 1901 Morris amazed local residents by installing his acetylene gas-lighting.